Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence(CoE) for Internet of Things(IoT) was set up with an outlay of Rs 12 Lac. The vision of the CoE is to enable PGPCET as the innovation hub in the emerging technology of Internet of Things through democratization of Realization of prototype, products before deployment of the IoT devices in the public domain/ infrastructure and support social initiatives on IoT solutions for specific India needs in areas like water, energy, agriculture, health, security and privacy of data.

Objectives :

  • To create innovative applications and domain capability across verticals for societal’s needs.
  • To build industry capable talent, start-up community and entrepreneurial ecosystem for IoT.
  • To provide an ecosystem for innovation to thrive and embrace entrepreneurship.
  • To energise research mind-set and reduce costs in research and development by providing neutral and interoperable, multi-technology stack laboratory facilities.
  • To reduce import dependency on IoT components and promote indigenization.
  • To provide environment for product creation, testing and also for validation & incubation.

List of Projects under the Center of Excellence :

S.No Name of the Project Project Coordinator Cost Status
1 Air Pol Mr. C. Sathiyavel AP/ECE 20,000 Completed
2 Organic Farming Mr. C. Sathiyavel AP/ECE 15,000 On Going
3 Elephant Repellent System using Parallel Communication Method Mr. C. Sathiyavel AP/ECE 20,000 Completed
4 Automatic Public Littering System Mr. C. Sathiyavel AP/ECE 15,000 Completed


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