Clubs And Societies


    In Association with our NSS & PGP College of Nursing. We here at PGPCET make the students involved in the activity of Blood Donation Activity at various events, they even help people in the need of the emergency.


    Our campus is fully rich with trees and various species of plants, we have Green Environment club at PGPCET to encourage the students to make our campus more eco-friendly and greener. This Club also initiates many socially responsible works.


    Nowadays Mobile phone is common among everyone, and the percentage of smartphone app is also increasing day by day, keeping the scenario in the minds we at PGPCET created this club for students to get more exposure about mobile app.


    In Association with our PGP FM we are in tie-up the college to perform various program events, students regularly do the programs in radio PGP FM , they are motivated here , to do the best part they can.


    Tamil is the life of our state, we have been focusing this right from the beginning at our college, students get involved themselves by conducting the events to protect the tamil culture and tamil literature.


    Aeromodelling club at PGPCET helps the mindset of the students to develop the Aerospace technology development in the college. This club will be platform for the students to create new technologies in Aerospace and participate in events.


    The Club is comprised of individuals that share a passion for photography. All individuals are welcome! We will review valuable concepts in photography, as well as take several opportunities to practice our craft around the campus.


    Creativity is an art and an art is always born in heart of the people, this club is the center place at PGPCET for ART, Student can make the department and college functions more attractive by the artistic creativity through this club.


    The cultural activities are performed under this club for the betterment of the students, they showcase their talents in many functions, they are encouraged to participate in the live shows, stage performance.


    Yoga and Meditation are important for the healthy life of the people, here we at PGPCET have been committed to performing the Yoga & Meditation. This helps the students to balance their life in both education and health.


    The Energy becomes a important source of our country, we are now moving our next generation to the renewable energy, by this we create awareness among all the students to create new technology for Energy conservation.


    English proficiency club helps the students in getting a good practice of the English language by our students @ PGPCET, are trained in such a Way they are capable.

  • IEI

    The department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has started the first student chapter with Institution of Engineers (India), Local Chapter, Salem. The same was started with all the students of EEE and faculty members. Er.SR Saravanan, MIE, Honorary Secretary of IE(I), Salem Local Chapter, Salem was the chief guest of the inauguration event.

  • EnSav Club

    The EnSav Club is an Energy Saving Awareness Club initiated by PGPCET through the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This club was inaugurated on 06 October 2018 in PGPCET. The students and staffs are the primary members of this club. Various events related to power and energy are conducted through this group.

  • Business Club

    The business club was initiated by the Department of Management Studies for the welfare of the students and staffs. They then specialize in this field and take knowledge meetings for the rest of the club. They are also encouraged to apply their learnings through participation in various competitions. The Club works as a synergic entity, with the older members presenting and teaching various topics to the newer ones.

  • Fine Arts Club

    The Fine Arts Club was started in PGPCET for various activities related to cultural, student activities, staff club activities, non-technical programs, dance, etc., Every month various activities are conducted for the staff and students re-creation.