Committee Members

NAMAKKAL – 637 207
S.No. Committee Members Dept.
1 Affiliation / Approval / Govt. Process and Execution Committee Convener Mr. S. Kumeresan HoD / EEE
Members Mr. R. Dheepak Raaj Civil
Mr.M.Mohanraj CSE/Admin
Mrs. R.Banupriya EEE
Ms. P.R.Gomathi ECE
Mr. R.Sivaraman MECH
Dr. P. Rajeswaran S&H
Mr. S.Kamal Admin
2 Admission Committee Conveners Mr. R. Yuvaraj MECH
Mr. S.K.Karthick HOD/MECH
Mr.K.Saravanakumar HOD/MCA
Members Mr. R.Steephen CSE
Mr. S.Saravanan EEE
Ms. P.Lalitha S&H
Dr. S.Arunkumar MBA
Mr. V.Senthilnathan PRO
Mr. J.Gunasekaran Library
Mr. R.Seenivasan MECH
3 R&D / IIP Cell Conveners Mr. C. Sasikumar EEE
Member Mr. C.Sathiyavel ECE
4 Library Committee / Stationary Committee Conveners Ms. A. Vaniprabha (Library) HOD/ECE
Mr. J.Gunasekaran (Library) Library
Mr. S.Dhanabal (Stationary) HOD/CSE
5 Maintenance Committee Conveners Mr. J.Gunasekaran Library
Mr. R.Ranjith HOD/Civil
6 Budget Committee Convener Dr. R.Karthikeyan HOD/MBA
Members Ms. R.Banupriya EEE
Ms.R.Devaki CSE
7 Discipline Committee Conveners Mr. K.Steephen CSE
Members Mr. R. Ranjith HOD/Civil
Mr. S.Dhanabal HOD/CSE
Ms.P.R.Gomathi HOD/ECE
Mr. S.Kumaresan HOD/EEE
Mr. S.K.Karthick HOD/MECH
Mr. J.Arivukkarasu HOD/S&H
Mr. J. Arivukkarasu HOD/S&H
Mr. K.Saravanakumar HOD/MCA
Dr. R.Karthikeyan HOD/MBA
8 Internal Audit Committee Rotational basis and will be announced by EXAM CELL
9 Women Empowerment Cell Convener Ms.A.Vaniprabha ECE
Members Ms. M. Janani Civil
Ms. .P.R.Gomathi ECE
Ms.R.Banupriya EEE
10 Workload/Subject Allocation/Time Table Committee Conveners Mr. T.Ponnusamy MECH
Mr. R.Dheepakraj CIVIL
Members Mr. Vivek Pandia Raj CSE
Mr. S.Saravanan EEE
Ms.K.Sabitha S&H
Dr. S.Arunkumar MBA
11 University Exam Cell / Internal Exam Cell Conveners Ms. .R.Banu Priya EEE
Mr. S. Purushothaman ECE
Members Mr. R. Dheepak Raaj Civil
Ms. R.Devaki CSE
Mr. S.Saravanan EEE
Mr. S.Sathishkumar MECH
Dr. S.Arunkumar MBA
Dr. P. Rajeswaran S&H
Ms. E.Sugamathi ECE
Mr. R.Seenivasan MECH
12 News Letters / College Magazine/ Reports Committee Conveners Mr. S.Sathishkumar (Reports) MECH
Mr. F. Max Savio (Newsletter & Magazine) EEE
Members Ms. M. Janani Civil
Mr. R.Devaki CSE
Mr. S Purushothaman ECE
Dr. S.Arunkumar MBA
Ms. P.Lalitha S&H
Ms. R.Jayachitra S&H
13 Fine Arts Committee / Staff club / Sports Committee Conveners Mr. T. Velmurugan (Sports) PD
Mr. T.Ponnusamy (Staff Club & Fine Arts) MECH
Member Mr. R.Ravikumar S&H
14 Training and Placement Cell (TPC) / Higher Education & Career Development Cell Conveners Mr. V. Senthilnathan TPC
Mr. Vivek Pandia Raj CSE
Mr.F.Max Savio EEE
Ms. S. Purushothaman ECE
Mr. B. Sivaraman MECH
Dr.S.Arunkumar MBA
Mr. P.Amulraj EEE
15 Entrepreneurship Development Cell / Centre for Continuing Education Conveners Dr. R. Karthikeyan (CCE and EDC) HOD / MBA
Mr. C.Sathiyavel (EDC – Staartup) ECE
Member Mr. M.Thirupathi CSE
16 NSS / YRC / RRC / Swatch Bharath / Any Govt. Schemes for students Conveners Mr. J.Arrivukkarasu S&H
Mr. R.Jayamani S&H
Members Mr. S.Kamal Admin
Mr. R.Ravikumar S&H
17 Public Relations and Brand Promotions Conveners Mr. V.Senthilnathan PRO
Mr. J.Gunasekaran Library
18 Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)/Anti-Ragging Committee/Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell Mr. K. Saravanakumar HOD/MCA
Members Mr. S.Kumaresan HOD/EEE
Mr. S.Kumaresan EEE
Ms. P.Lalitha S&H
19 Transport Committee Convener Mr. S. K. Karthik HOD/MECH
Member Mr. R.Seenivasan MECH
20 PGPCET Design Studio Conveners Mr. F.Max Savio EEE
Mr. J. Gunasekaran Library
Member Mr. Vivek Pandia Raj CSE
21 e-Learning – NPTEL Convener Mr. J. Gunasekaran Library
Member Mr. S.Kamal Admin